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Pixdeco - Avengers


The simplest way to create your personalized cake!


25 precut wafer squares for pix decoration, for 8 children or 4 adults

Palma Oil free


Eggs free

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Potato starch, corn starch, flavours, water, humectant: E422, colours: E102, E110, E122, E133, E151, preservative: E218, emulsifiers: E433, SOY lecithin; antioxygen: E300. May contain Latte-Milk, cereals containing gluten. Keep in fresh and dry place. Producted in Italy. 

Keep in a fresh and dry environnement.

1. Open the bag and keep the wafer patches.
2. If your Pixdeco are white or predrawn, decorate them with the special edible pens or other edible decorations. (Go on our website to find lots of other tips!)
3. Carefully detach the squares and apply them on the cake. (You can use the gel or find other tips on Your cake is ready! Enjoy!

Including: 25 precut squares for pix decoration
Conservation Temperature max: 18°C
Shelflife: 48 months