My first Pixbox


1 moule - 1 décor smiley (x25) - 1 support pour superposer les pixcubes 2 étages -
Pour compléter l'expérience!



The mould can be put directly from the freezer (-60°C) to the oven (+230°C). After baking, remove the lid immediately. Be careful, it's hot ! Wait 5 minutes before carefully unmolding the cubes. Do not heat the mould on a direct flame (i.e.electric, ceramic, gas or grills etc). Do not use knives or other sharp utensils that may scratch the mould. Do not wash with agressive detergents or abrasive sponges. Do not use the mould with the grill function in the microwave. Can go in dishwasher or under hot water.

Pixdeco Emojis

Keep in a fresh and dry environnement.

Pixstand 5x5 2 floors:

Wash with warm water and soap.

Pixdeco Sucre / Sugar:
Conservation Temperature max: 18°C DLC: 24 month


First use instructions: Wash the mould under hot running water (at 50°C) or in the dishwasher. Grease well the inside of the mould and the lid

Pixdeco Sugar:

1.Open the bag and keep the patches without removing them from the plastic. 2.Assemble your Pixcake cubes as shown on the illustration on the front of this package (discover our tutorials on 3.Carefully detach the squares from the plastic support and apply them on the cake, as shown on the illustration. (You can use the gel or find other tips on Your cake is ready ! Enjoy ! 

Pixstand 5x5 2 floors:

Place the cubes on the squares



100% Platinum silicone.

Pixdeco Sugar:

sugar (76%), glucose syrup, vegetable oils (shea, coconut), invert sugar syrup, glucose monohydrate, water, humectant: E422, emulsifier: E471, E433, stabiliser: E415, flavour, colours: E102, E110, E122, E133, E151, acidifier: E330, preservative: E202.
May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Made in Italy.
Gluten Free, palm oil free, vegetarian, egg free.

Pixstand 5x5 2 floors:

White stand in PS
Transparent stand in PET
Suitable for food contact
Does not contain Bisphenol A, phthalate

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You can do it !
Amazing cakes in record time.
pick one of our recipes or use our Pixmix.
Fill the mould
with the pastry bag or two teaspoons.Close the mold!
in the oven at 165°C, to get perfect Pixcakes!
with a Pixdeco, our accessories or your own creation!