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The perfect kit to discover the Pixcake univers! After this eperience, be part of the Pixfamily!


1 moud - 1mix - 1 pipping bag - 1 edible gel - 3 cake decoration - 4 edible pens - 2 cake stands


Mould: 100%Platinum silicon - Sugar Pixdeco: sugar (76%), glucose syrup, vegetable oils (shea, coconut), invert sugar syrup, glucose monohydrate, water, humectant: E422, emulsifier: E471, E433, stabiliser: E415, flavour, colours: E102, E110, E122, E133, E151, acidifier: E330, preservative: E202. Wafer Pixdeco: potato starch, corn starch, flavours, water, humectant: E422, colours: E102, E110, E122, E133, E151, preservative: E218, emulsifiers: E433, SOY lecithin; antioxygen: E300. Edible pens: * Red: Water; ethanol; humectant: E422; colorants: E120, E101; emulsifier: E433; conservative: E218. * Yellow: Water; safflower extract; humectant: E422; colorant: E101; acidifying agent: E330; emulsifier: E433; curator: E 202 * Blue: Water; humectant: E422; colorants: E133; acidifying agent: E330; emulsifier: E433; conservative: E202. Green: Water; humectant: E422; colorants: E101, E133; acidifying agent: E330; emulsifier: E433; conservative: E202. Edible gel: water, thickener: E466, acidifier: E330, preservative: E202. May contain traces of milk, soy, sulphites, nuts and by-products. Cake mix: sugar, powdered butter, starches (of wheat, maize and rice), powdered egg mixture, type "0" soft wheat flour, vegetable fat coconut powder, soy protein, leavening agents (pyrophosphate sodium acid, sodium bicarbonate, potato starch), dextrose, yogurt powder 1.3%, stabilizer: xanthan gum, flavors, salt, vegetable concentrate.

Mould: The mould can be put directly from the freezer (-60°C) to the oven (+230°C) - After baking, wait that the mould is cooled to put our the cover and remove the cakes. - Do not heat the mould on a direct flame (i.e.electric, ceramic or gas has or grills etc) - Do not use knives or other sharp utensils that may scratch the mould. - Do not wash with agressive detergents or abrasive spouse - Do not use the mould with the grill function in the microwave Mix: Delicious preparation adapted to the Pixmoule-can be suitable for other moulds.For a better result, do not overcook the cakes in th epixmould. 20mn at 165°C shoudl be enough. The cakes shold stay soft and with the good size. Keep in a cool, dry place.  To consume preferably before: see on the side. Cake stand: Reusable. Keep far from fire. Blister suitable for food contact. Easy maintenance with hot water. Pipping bag: Do not put on the head or in the mouth Edible gel: Shake before use. Gently cut the tip of the tube before the first use. For sugar paste cake decoration and sugar paste modelling. Apply the glue to the sugar paste figure to be glued. Brush is recommended for a more precise result./Keep the product in a cool and dry place. It may contain traces of milk, sulphites, soy and hazelnuts/Peut contenir des traces de lait, de sulfites, de soja et de noisettes. Maximum dosage quantum satis cat. 5.4 Reg.1129/2011 Edible pens: Allowed to be used only for food production purposes .For food products allowed to be coloured.Product for the decoration of food, in particular of confectionery and fine bakery (pastries, cookies, cakes and wafers). Use directly on the product to be decorated./ For food products allowed to be coloured. Do not swallow as such Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperature exceeding 50 °C. It may contain traces of milk, sulphites, soy and hazelnuts. Sugar decoration: May contain Latte-Milk, Soda - Soybeans - May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Wafer decoration: May contain Latte-Milk, cereals containing gluten. Keep in fresh and dry place.

Add 100gr of water to your mix. Fill your mould to half of the cubes. Close the mould with the cover. Check that each cube are well closed. Put in the oven for 20mn at 165°C. Once the cubes cooked, place them on the cake stand. Place a drop of gel on each cube and place the pix deco. It s ready!

Including: 1 moud - 1mix - 1 pipping bag - 1 edible gel - 3 cake decoration - 4 edible pens - 2 cake stands
Conservation Temperature max: 18°C
Shelflife: 12 months