Pixmould - New ! Cover for perfect cubes !


25 pixcakes

Serve 6 adults or 8 children

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A mould that bakes perfect cubes !

We invented the Pixmould so you could easily treat your family and friends everyday! Surprising your loved ones as never been so simple!

A powerful taste:
Experience an explosion of flavour concentrated in each bite, thanks to the Pixcake’s shape ! Surprise your taste buds !

Incredible creations:
Thanks to the perfect Pixcake cubes and their exclusive accessories, you can now build amazing cakes and display them in brand new ways !

Research and development:
It took us one year to fully research and develop the Pixmould. Its secret: the revolutionary lid that allows you to achieve perfect cubes, with or without cooking them !

100% Quality:
The Pixcake keyword: quality !
The Pixmould is made of high-quality silicon, during a production chain of over 9 hours, to guarantee that we produce a mould with no smell and 100% non toxic, to respect our health and our ingredients.
Designed in France, made in Italy !

No waste, more space !
The bite sized cubes allow you to eat them according to your appetite ! No more waste ! With this mould, one of its kind in the market, you can not only make delicious sweet bites but also bake surprising savoury treats !

Decorate your creations like you’ve never decorated them before

With our Pixdeco

It's trendy
Follow the big trend of our homemade tasty bites and surprise your children with a homemade cake !
On a birthday or on a rainy day, kids can always help you in the kitchen - the fun is assured by Pixcake!
Pixcake also follows the latest trends with new designs, from Space Invaders to Mary Poppins, always updated with new arrivals.

The 1st pixel cake !
Pixcake introduces the first pixel cake in the market.
Be the first one to surprise everyone with it !

Our edible decorations are palm oil free
We offer you recipes that match your dietary preferences, and you can also choose the edible decoration that best suits you.
The sugar decorations have no gluten and no palm oil. Those in wafer have no eggs and no palm oil.

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3D cakes? Easy peasy...

With our Pixstands

These little stands, adapted to food contact, allow you to overlay your cubes to easily achieve an amazing 3D effect !

Shapes for all occasions
A birthday cake, a 3D cube, a tiered cake, a log cake ? Pixcake offers you a choice of original cake stands !

Make your own decorations - a tasty tip !
The Pixsupports can also help you to make your own edible decorations: little squares of chocolat or honey for your cakes, squares of pesto or tapenade for your snacks and savoury treats, you’ll find infinite ideas for easy and delicious DIY preparations !

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Even easier...

With our Pixaccessories

Pixcake offers you a vast range of Pixaccessories to garnish and decorate your creations: candles, edible markers, sprinkles...
Take a look at all our accessories !

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1000 Pixrecipes for sweet and savoury bites !

HOW TO WASH IT ? Can go in dishwasher or under hot water.
CAUTION: The mould can be put directly from the freezer (-60°C) to the oven (+230°C). After baking, be careful! It's hot! Remove the lid at the exit of the oven and wait a few minutes before unmolding the cubes if necessary. Do not heat the mould on a direct flame (i.e.electric, ceramic, gas or grills etc). Do not use knives or other sharp utensils that may scratch the mould. Do not wash with agressive detergents or abrasive sponges. Do not use the mould with the grill function in the microwave.

 First use instructions:
- Wash the mould under hot running water (at 50°C) or inside the dishwasher
- Grease the inside of the mould and the lid with butter or oil to improve its natural non-stir effect. Try not to grease the closing of the mould in order to keep the adhesion of the cover

More Information
Solde No
You can do it !
Amazing cakes in record time.
pick one of our recipes or use our Pixmix.
Fill the mould
with the pastry bag or two teaspoons.Close the mold!
in the oven at 165°C, to get perfect Pixcakes!
with a Pixdeco, our accessories or your own creation!